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Author of True Blood Dabbles in Video Games

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Bestselling author of the Sookie Stackhouse novels and inspiration for the famous HBO series True BloodCharlain Harris is now dabbling in video games.
Dying for Daylight” is a Hidden-Object Game designed for casual play. The player un-covers clues and solve puzzles. The game is available to download from I-Play.
In “Dying for Daylight” The main character is a fashionable and witty vampire that is searching for a potion that will allow vampires to survive in sunlight.
Harris interviewed with CNN discussing her venture into creating games and how she sees the future of authors and gaming. 
Harris goes on to explain that storytelling in video games is a “refreshing change”.
She speaks of how it was frustrating at first to work through the structure of the game.  Her novel characters were written as moving forward whereas the character in her game have to “go back to get this item or that item. Perhaps it's more like real life in that respect!” Harris hopes that when people play “Dying for Daylight”, she will be able to attract a new audience that will decide to read her books.  When asked if games are artistically and commercially better than books the author disagreed and said “I don't know if games have the power to create a career, but they certainly could add to one.”

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