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The cat is out of the bag at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) announced that the Swedish studio DICE EA three new DLC for Battlefield third. In addition, it will begin to operate as "Rent a Server" offers for console gamers. Holders can play modes, set user-defined map rotation and Co. then, as it is on a PC.
The first DLC pack will be titled "Close Quarters" and appear in June. "Close Quarters" contains four new maps. The maps are very fail-infantry-heavy. The focus is towards melee fighting, optical coatings and wants you to destroy more details and put this company into the forefront. Sun shoots at you again and again as walls, exposing steel beams to destroy the cover of the opponent or to simply have a peephole to make enemies on the other side of the wall. Is also set to more verticality: The first trailer of a map shows a building with two floors and a roof, firefights are conducted by balconies.
A second package, called "Armored Kill" is to set the other hand, focus more on vehicle combat. Maps will be even bigger than anything we have seen in Battlefield 3 so far, to get new vehicles (UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters and Bradley Infantry Vehicle were already leaked in advance). The third DLC, "End Game" (working title?) Is still top secret. The latter two contents, there are also no angepeiltes publication date.
Advance was also leaked that at least two new weapons, the CZ 75 (pistol) and the CZ 750 Sniper Rifle added to the assortment. Both are weapons of Czech production.
Own servers for console gamers
In addition to new DLC packs announced EA DICE also said that it will give console gamers the chance to own (Ranked) server to rent. This is possible on the PC since Battlefield 2, players had to play always been hosted on servers from EA and DICE or waive the option ranking official in private matches. This allows game modes, map rotation, and probably also rules (possibly limit sniper rules against spawn camping, etc.) set - the latter is only a guess on our part, it was announced only that you can make settings such as on a PC. For console gamers would be a real novelty, just the map rotation is on Xbox 360 and PS3 sometimes very own.

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